The Secret of a Speedy computer

The personal computer is a amazing Presentation. The Computer make our jobs easier and Provide interesting things. But For the daily usage your computer`s performance will begin to slow down. The speed of your computer is faster when you purchase a brand new computer  After a few a days  you will notice that ability of get work is slow for the reson of slow speed of  your computer. Your computer will continue come down slow day after day. In this situation how you can use your computer for a long time.

Dear visitor in this situation you have to need clean up to your computer memory. Here you will know how to clean up a computer memory  in Bangla .

bZzb Kw¤úDUvi †Kbvi ci wK `vi“b w¯úW wQj Avcbvi wcÖq Kw¤úDUviwUi wKQz w`b e¨env‡ii d‡j Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi ax‡i ax‡i Slow n‡q hv‡”Q| GLb Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi Lyj‡Z Ges eÜ n‡Z A‡bK mgq †bq Ges ‡h †Kvb KgvÛ wWm‡c­ Ki‡Z A‡bK mgq †bB| G‡Z Avcbvi g~j¨evb mg‡qi AcPq nq| weiw³‡Z nq‡Zv Avcwb fve‡Qb cyivbv Kw¤úDUvi Avi bq GUv wewµ K‡i bZzb Avi GKUv †Kbv `iKvi | wK jvf Zv‡Z ? bZzbUvI †Zv GKw`b c~ivZb n‡e ZLbI GKB mgm¨v †`Lv hv‡e|

 Avm‡j NUbv Uv GiKg †h, Avcwb Avcbvi Kw¤úDUv‡i Avcbvi cÖ‡qvR‡b A‡bK ai‡bi Software Install K‡i‡Qb wewfbœ ai‡bi Information WvDb‡jvW K‡i‡Qb| Avevi GKmgq Gme Software /information  cÖ‡qvRb †k‡l remove ev uninstall K‡i w`‡q‡Qb| wKš‘ Avcbvi remove ev uninstall Kivi ciI A‡bK mgq wKQz Z_¨ Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi ‡g‡gvix‡Z Rgv _v‡K | hZ w`b MovB ZZB Kw¤úDUvi †g‡gvix‡Z Z_¨ Rgv n‡Z  _v‡K Avi Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi ax‡i ax‡i Slow n‡Z _v‡K| hZ¶b Avcwb Gme evowZ Z_¨ gy‡Q bv †dj‡eb ZZ¶b ch©š— Gme AbvKvsw¶Z Z_¨ Avcbvi Kw¤úDUv‡i ïay ïay RvqMv `Lj K‡i e‡m _vK‡e hv Avcbvi computer Gi performance †K  Slow K‡i †`‡e|

GQvovI AcÖ‡qvRbxq dvBj, †dvìvi, Software, ‡g‡gvix‡Z ïay RvqMv `Lj K‡i iv‡L, Avcwb cÖwZw`b Avcbvi Kw¤úDUv‡i †h me KvR K‡ib G¸‡jv Kivi mgq Kw¤úDUvi Zvi wb‡Ri †_‡K wKQz dBj create K‡i _v‡K hv †g‡gvix‡Z Rgv n‡q Kw¤úDUvi‡K Slow K‡i ‡`q| GQvovI fvBivm Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi‡K Slow K‡i w`‡Z cv‡i|

‡Zv .......... ?  wK Ki‡eb ? cyivbv Uv †d‡j †`‡eb ? bvwK †S‡o gy‡Q bZzb evbv‡eb ?

‡Zv Avmyb †`Lv hvK wKfv‡e mg¨mvi mgvavb Kiv hvq t-
Avcbvi AcÖ‡qvRbxq dvBj, †dvìvi, mdUIq¨vi gy‡Q †dj‡Z n‡e| Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi †h mg¯— dvBj create K‡i †m¸‡jv †KI gy‡Q †dj‡Z n‡e|

Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi †_‡K AcÖ‡qvRbxq Software hv Kw¤úDUv‡i install Kiv Av‡Q| gy‡Q †djvi Rb¨ wb‡Pi KgvÛ e¨envi Kiƒb|

To Delete unused software >> Click start button > click control panel > Click   “ ad or remove” than choose which software you want to delete >Select the software >click remove from the right and follow the instruction.

wbqwgZ fv‡e Disk drive ¸‡jv Cleanup Ki‡Z n‡e| Kvib Avcwb KLbB eyS‡Z cvi‡eb bv KLb †Kvb WªvB‡f wK cwigvb AcÖ‡qvRbxq Z_¨ Rgv n‡”Q ev n‡q‡Q | G Kvi‡b wbqwgZ fv‡e Cleanup KgvÛ w`‡q wewfbœ Disk drive †_‡K AcÖ‡qvRbxq Z_¨ gy‡Q †dj‡Z n‡e|  Gi Rb¨ Avcbv‡K †h KgvÛ e¨envi Ki‡Z n‡e t-

Click Start > Stay your mouse  pointer on All Programs > click Accessories > click system tools > than click Disk Clean up > Select Drive (using Drop down menu) > click ok.

Right click on the My computer icon > Click manage > Click event viewer in the left panel >again Click  + marking point (left in the event viewer) There you can see (Just  below event viewer) application, Security, system > click on application than you can see some data on the right panel again right click on application and than click no.
Click on system you can see some data on right panel again right click on system and than click no.

Double click on the my computer icon > Double click  c:/ drive > Double click on the Windows folder > Double click on the Prefetch folder  delete all the file.

fvBivm RwbZ Kvi‡b Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi hw` Slow nq | Zvn‡j †h †Kvb Gw›UfvBivm ‡cÖvMÖvg Pvwj‡q fvBivm gy³ Ki‡Z n‡e|

 Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi †_‡K cÖvq me AcÖ‡qvRbxq Z_¨ gy‡Q †M‡Q| GLb mv”Q‡›` Ges mvewjj fv‡e Pvjv‡Z cvi‡eb Avcbvi wcÖq Kw¤úDUvi| Gfv‡e gv‡S g‡a¨ Avcbvi Kw¤úDUvi †_‡K AcÖ‡qvRbxq Z_¨ ¸‡jv gy‡Q †dj‡Z n‡e|

Avgš¿b iBj, Avevi †`Lv n‡e GB wVKvbvq bZzb welq wb‡q|